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What Is Involved In The Alignment Process?

 Overall, the alignment process has three parts

1. In shop assessment.

a) Assessment of the foot and ankle ($35).

This consists of a standard set of alignment and range of motion measurements. Most are similar to measurements done for walking and running. However, the results are interpreted in a fashion appropriate for skiing. This could result in a recommendation for an appropriate custom footbed.

b) Footbeds - Two Options, depending on need:

  1. Semi-custom footbed ($45).
  2. Fully custom footbed ($200).

For some skiers, this is also the most appropriate time to consider new boots. Boots are the most important piece of equipment that a skier buys and their selection should be considering of how a boot’s design and fit match one’s anatomical needs.

c) Assessment of in-boot alignment and tracking.

If needed, this could result in a recommendation for canting. Any canting is done first, with temporary shims under the heel of the boot that can be adjusted during further on-the-slope assessment. Skiersynergy never finalizes any canting just based on the in-shop assessment. In general, if a shop wants to make permanent canting changes to your boots (boot sole shaving, plating, etc.) and no one from the shop has skied with you to systematically assess your on-snow performance, walk away! This seems like just common sense, but most skiers who have been canted have not followed it.

2. On slope assessment ($50).
This is a time to adjust your canting needs while you do both standardized exercises designed to isolate alignment issues and free ski. Once the best results are achieved in the context of your actual skiing, the canting can be finalized.

3. Finalization: Canting Plates Installed ($150- cost of on-slope assessment is applied towards this amount)
Canting can be done with a canting strip under the binding of the ski or with pre-canted plates that are fixed to the bottom of the boot. Plating the boots is $150 - cost of assessment is applied towards this amount).
Once the boots are plated, the canting can still be adjusted in either direction by approximately 1 degree without affecting DIN Specifications. You can do this by small plastic shims placed between the canting plate and the boot sole. This is important because any canting is done with an eye to maximizing both your ability to balance and the performance of your skis, and these can change over time with your developing technique. As you improve, you will be able to make small, appropriate changes in the canting.

Any other boot work (stretching, grinding, straightening, etc,) is billed at $45.00/hour.


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