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What Are The Effects of Mis-alignment on Your Skiing?  

How Do You know If You Have Alignment Issues?

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In general, the symptoms can be broken down into three categories of problems:

  1. Knock Kneed 
  2. Bowlegged 
  3. Rotary

Rotary symmptoms often appear as a by product of the first two issues.  

1. Knock Kneed Symptoms   

  • A frame, Knees together, stress on gthe knee– sometimes gets progressively worse through turn
  • Finding it hard to tip the inside ski toward the LTE
  • Tail washes out and skids Ski rails or sticks at the end of the turn – hard to release
  • Tendency to rotate at the end of the turn difficult to balance at slower speeds and at the beginning of the turn    

2. Bow Legged Symptoms  

  • Straighter legs with knees apart - stress on the knee
  • Stance ski stays flat to snow even when body and leg has angle
  • Lots of skidding throughout the turn
  • Skis refuse to grip at the start of the turn
  • The skier adopts different non-optimal strategies to get edging and grip:
  • Tail push at start of turn
  • Counters strongly with heel thrust
  • Lots of upper body input (leaning and/or rotation) especially at the start of the turn
  • A sudden A frame with heel thrust in an attempt to edge    

The above list offers general symptoms. However, these symptoms do not immediately suggest the most appropriate solution. This requires an assessment of potential causes. Any adequate alignment assessment will include measurements and tests for common causes of alignment problems. The causes will suggest the solutions.    

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