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Balance for Carving The Top Of The Turn

One aspiration of many skiers is to carve the whole turn – even on the steeps. Carving the top half of the turn means learning to get upside down to the hill. What?!#? If your friends up the slope from you can see the bases of your skis, as you carve,...

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Counter Balance Within PMTS

PMTS has its own terminology to describe skiing that is different from traditionally used -- for example, PMTS uses counter balance other systems use inclination and angulation. Many people from within traditional teaching systems have argued that...

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Flexing With Forward Pressure

For many skiers, learning to flex with a greater range of movement is a big breakthrough. However, flexing more can also make it more challenging for a lot of skiers to stay forward. This dry land exercise will give you a better understanding of the movements...

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Advanced Counteracting

During the Tech Camp this fall, I had a lot of discussion (and movement analysis) with Harald about counter action in the transition. I thought I would share some of the main points and let things develop from there. 

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