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Tom Gellie

The virtual bump - explained with an iPhone angle meter
Ski boot fit problems - misaligned cuffs
Mogul lesson for skiing big bumps- coming soon
Niseko night skiing-moguls and free skiing fun
Fluid Skiing - turn transitions and toppling
Is there a limit to bending a ski to carve?
Carving, moguls, powder, free skiing - Rookie Academy Trainers Skiing 2019
The virtual bump in skiing
How do elite skiers get forward in the moguls?
Mastering the mountain - Fore and aft balance for skiing (Preview)
Bombproof Ankles and knees for skiing - Dryland training program Preview
Short turns movement analysis- pivoting and ground reaction force
Front foot triangle calf raises
Why do we need angulation in skiing? - The how, why and when (preview)
Skiing and pressure control - An E-learning video for ski technique
Advanced skier analysis - results from online coaching with Tom Gellie
Refined Edging and Pressure control for skiing - The Sub Talar Joint
Your spine and skiing with Professor Stuart McGill


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