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PMTS Forum Skiers

Varied levels and types of skiers that posted video on the web

Super Skier
Kyle discovers the mountain, and vice versa. Thanks to the Chad Mitchell Trio for the theme music! (and let's get Charlie off the MTA!)
Dont follow Stormchaser
Blasted down the edge in the leftover powder and after half a dozen turns a moose appeared about 100' in front of me as I came from behind a tree. By the time I veered off to the other edge and...
Compilation of Skiing 2010
Compilation of skiing from 2010 season originally used for training purposes. Boots: Fischer RC4 SOMA WC 150 Skis: Fischer RC4 WC GS Hole 188cm; 27m Fischer RC4 WC SL Hole 165cm; ~12m Fischer RC4 WC...
May 11th Mammoth pow!
Best may 11th shredding I have ever had!
Arothafel dry creek 2/1/2009
Art showing his PMTS skilz in small/medium bumps.
miles dry creek 2/1/2009
Beautiful Mammoth day. Snow was every bit as good as it looks! Shot by Arothafel
miles crud 1-27-2009
somewhere on the backside of Mammoth. Shot by Robert Ryan
Slalom Training #1 2009
On a 10 year old pair of Lange Zero X8s, which I hadn't used for 3 years.
Subby Training #1 2009
This was my first run of the day. I was on a demoed pair of 2009 Volkl SL Racing skis length 165...loved 'em once I got used to them. F'd up the 3rd to last turn pretty good.
Slalom Training #2 2009
Skidded out the first turn
What happens when I make a mistake.
Compilation of GS and SL carving - 2007
2009 Greek Peak 07~1
Patprof on Greek Peak
Patprof doing some turns at his home mountain Greek Peak.
No Ritchie Bergers were used in the making of this video. (obviously)
Mike at Blue Mar 13 09
working on counteracting video by trtaylor
Fernie January 9 2008
Skiing in Fernie BC on a snowy Jan 9 2008. Very last run of the day.


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