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Browse academic and scientific articles on a variety of subjects including basic anatomy and biomechanics, the physics of skiing, alignment, footbeds, and equipment design.

A Comparison of Four In Vivo Methods of Measuring Tibial Torsion

Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle

Assessment of Foot Posture

Assessment of Soft Foot Orthotics

Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle Under Static Conditions

Clinical Biomechanics of Skiing

Clinical Evaluation of Foot and Ankle Disfunction

Comparison of Three Methods to Obtain a Neutral Plaster Foot Impression

Descriptive Study of Length and Torsion of the Lower Limb

Diagnosis by the Physical Therapist

Dynamic Biomechanics of the Foot

Effect of Foot Orthoses on Lower Limb Kinetics

Effect of Soft Foot Orthotics on Lower Limb Kinematics

Evaluation of Foot Orthotics Part 2

Goniometric Reliability in a Clinical Setting

Introduction to the Foot and Ankle

Introductory Evaluation of a Weight Bearing Neutral Position Casting Device

Methods for Measurement of Tibial Torsion

Normative Values for the Foot Posture Index

Pathomechanics of Stance

Pathomechanics of Structural Foot Deformities

Plantar Pressure Assessment

Reliability of Diabetic Foot Evaluation

The Foot Posture Index Reference Sheet

The Foot Posture Index

Tibial Torsion Measurement by Surface Curvature

Brannock Instructions

Design of Ski Boots for Alpine Ski Racing Based on Leg Frame of the Skier

Focus on Function in Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot Care for the Aging

Foot Orthoses and Skiing

Foot Orthoses

Is Foot Type an Indicator of the type of Injuries that Might Occur in Sporting People

Resistance Stretching for Skiers

Update in Pedorthics and Orthotics Design

Effect of Ski Boot Settings on Tibio-femoral Abduction and Rotation

Introduction to Sports Biomechanics

Simulation of a Carving Snow Ski

Alpine Skiing Learning In Persons With Educational Needs, By Using The Ict Means

Analyzing The Possible Line Choices A Ski Racer Has In A Course

Attentional focus in motor learning, the Feldenkrais Method and mindful movement

Balance Assessment Systrem

Biomechanical Factors Influencing the Performance of Elite Alpine Ski Racers

Canting Plate System for Planers Instructions Use


Characterization of Course and Terrain and Their Effect on Skier Speedi n World Cup Alpine Ski Racing

Comparison of the Foot Height, Length, Breadth and Foot Types between Males and Females

Concurrent Criterion-Related Validity and Reliability of a Clinical Test to Measure Femoral Anteversion

Demonstration and Verbal Instructions

Directing attention to movement effects enhances learning A review

Elements of Dance - BASTE Tool Simplified

Elements of Dance - BASTE Tool

Elements of Dance - Energy Tool

Elements of Dance

Enhancing the Learning of Sport Skills Through External-Focus Feedback


Fore-Aft Dynamics and Performance in Slalom

Freelap Timing System Instructions

How to Do Progressive Mjuscle Relaxation

Human balance and posture control during standing and walking

Insights about practice from the perspective of motor learning a review

Motor Skill Learning for Effective Coaching & Performance

Movement Assessment tool for Dance

Performance Bumps (Level 3)

PGA Tour Scores as a Gaussian Random Variable

Picking the Best Race Line

Pilates for Skiing

Self-Talk in Sport and Performance

Sex Differences and Representative Values for 6 Lower Extremity Alignment Measures

Skiing as a Model of Instruction

Systematics and Correction of Skiing Technique Errors

Stepping Stones for Developing Parallel Skiers – No Wedge Here!

Skiing_Explore the Extremes

Test-retest reliability and descriptive statistics of geometric measurements

The Alexander Technique and Neuroscience Three Areas of Interest

The Effect of Ankle Range Of Motiuon on Balance for Elderly

The Effects of Three Different Posting Methods for Controlling Subtalar Pronantion

The Pendulum Swings the Other Way in Ski Widths

The Role of Improvisation and Imagination in Accessing Body-Based Ways of Knowing

Then Best Slalom Cometitors - Kinematic analysis of Tracks and Velocities

Understanding the first Ray

What Determines the Magnitude of the Q Angle A Preliminary Study of Selected Skeletal and Muscular Measures


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